What Clients Are Saying:        


"Bay Area Stone Gardens designed and reconstructed our hilly, dark, jungle-like backyard and transformed it into a calm, serene, sun-filled Zen garden. The design ideas were very creative and Bill gave frequent progress updates & suggestions to potential changes. Bill's team was cordial, polite and very responsible. We're happy to have formerly unusable yard space turned into an area to entertain in and enjoy."                                                                                                                   Oakland hills resident

Thanks for such a wonderful job on my patio - from design to execution.  The curb appeal of my house increased by 100%.  I'm really happy with the work and result and all my neighbors like it too. 


"We have never dreamed of having a stone garden cause we know
that we can never afford it.  We have to say that we are so lucky
to have found Bill.  He has made something impossible possible
for us.  We now don't just have a beautiful patio; it is a miraculously
unique three-river stone garden.  We are so amazed with Bill's artistry,
patience, and craftsmanship!!!  It is just awesome and unbelievable
that Bill was able to do such a beautiful piece of "art work" with our
tight budget!!!  Bill is just one of the nicest person that we have ever
met.  We are so blessed to know Bill and have him as our friend now :)
Bill, Thank you very much again!!!"

Ken and Maggie

Dear Bill, 

It has been a few weeks since you completed our backyard and I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks and appreciation for your work.  The entire process was truly a pleasure.  We appreciated the fact that you took the time to draw up plans, revise them based on Sonia’s input, and take us on an extensive stoneyard tour before asking for even one cent.  Even though we had to reschedule a few times, your upbeat and pleasant nature made the process extremely fun! 

Throughout the process, we really appreciated how organized you and your team were.  When our preferred stone was no longer available, you calmly told us that you wanted to make sure the job was done right and that we should not select something we were not happy with.  This type of cooperation was far from what we had experienced with past contractors/landscapers.  When we threw in changes or had concerns about the placement of certain items (like the 100lb planter that you had already secured on concrete blocks), you took our suggestions, incorporated the necessary change,  and made our garden look exactly how we wanted. 

Now the job is done, and we couldn’t be happier.  We love to tell everyone that comes by about the process, the stones, and of course our new friend Bill.  We’ve caught people peeking over the fence to catch a glimpse as well!  We appreciate all of your help, patience, enthusiasm and creativity while working on our yard.  We have already referred you to a few friends and will be calling you when we get around to our front yard!  Thanks for everything. 

Sonia and Ankit Hathi: Alameda residents

Dear Bill,

Louise and I would like to thank you for a job well done in building us a 450 sq. ft. travertine patio, a beautiful 6 ft. stone bench made of travertine and three-river slate and even a very creative travertine dog house!  We very much enjoyed conferring with you as the job progressed and I must say you are a very good problem-solver.  The final cost of the project was exactly as projected and there were no ‘surprises’.  You made every effort to keep costs down by recycling materials where possible.  You went the ‘extra mile’ and we are pleased to recommend you for similar projects in the future.  We wish you and your professional crew our very best wishes in your future endeavors. 

Very truly,                                                                                                       Geoff Stern & Louise Fong - San Leandro resident

“We have met 2 craftsmen over the past few years. You are one of them. Not only are you very talented, but your attention to detail, the fact that you were respectful of our budget, even making suggestions for cost-savings options. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done. Our yard is so lovely, we look forward to many years of enjoyment.”

Rosetta and Ray - San Bruno resident

From Berkeley Partents Network (BPN): "I'd like to recommend Bill Armijo if you're looking for someone to do stonework or patio work for your yard. He's got a wonderful eye for detail and for us, an eye for a natural layout for our patio. Aside from that keen eye, Bill and his crew were a pleasure to work--professional, pleasant, on time, and within budget/estimate for the work with. I think Bill is someone dedicated to his craft and would do justice to anyone's patio needs--for form and function--so not just someone who does beautiful work but the space would be usable (our 2-year-old LOVES the patio and we're back there everyday now)...his designs and work are what I think backyards should be about--pretty to look at and yet fun and easy to be in!"  Email me if you need more details. tishp@mac.com

“In order to better serve our current and future clients, Group 41 Inc. researched landscapers that could provide a wholistic approach to the projects with both design vision, and actual construction to our architectural, development and planning projects.  We have been very fortunate to find Bay Area Stone Gardens. Their expertise and professionalism have been excellent. When Bill asked me to write this recommendation, I agreed without hesitation. I feel that the team at Bay Area Stone Gardens is superb, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

If we can provide further information for you, please feel free to call at your convenience. (415) 431-0300, Joel Karr. www.group41inc.com

"When we first approached Bill to get a quote for laying a stone patio in the backyard of our new home, his enthusiasm for the work, and attention to detail were immediately obvious. This isn't just a job for Bill; it is his passion, and it shows right from the first time you meet him.

Bill and his team turned a mud patch with a very rough outline of what we thought we'd like on it, into a beautiful stone patio and flower bed with a gently curved border, and then added a distinctive stone step at our back gate, and a meandering stone path to the front gate. We got great reviews from many of our neighbors.

Throughout the process we got regular progress updates from Bill either via email or in person. And from the day we toured the stone yard with him to select the stone, to the day the patio was completed, we knew we could count on Bill to advise us."

Regards,                                                                                                              Kitty & Johh - Alameda resident

" We are really happy with the work that Bay Area Stone Gardens has delivered. Bill has been extremely helpful in designing our dream patio, from conceptual design, material selection, stone cutting construction, to final touch up. We want something unique and Zen-like, and our patio turns out to be exactly what we want. We love entertaining our friends in the patio, and everyone who came to our home loves the patio work. Bill has this passion for stone work and he put lots of thoughts and efforts in making our patio as beautiful as it can be. We feel very fortunate to work with Bill for the project and we will definitely recommend Bill and his team to any friends." 

Best Regards,                                                                                                    Daphne Zhou - Alameda resident  

" We would like to highly recommend the work of Bill at Bay Area Stone Gardens. In late 2007, Bill was responsible for successfully turning our dirt covered backyard into a livable, usable, and now beautiful space.
Bill is professional, creative, and very communicative. He is extremely hands on and worked collaboratively with my husband and I to ensure that the end result of the backyard was what we desired and expected. Bill goes the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction and always made the time to discuss any questions or requests we had along the way. We truly enjoyed working with Bill and his staff and would work with them again in the future if the need arose."
Dory and Dave - Alameda resident

"Working with Bill from Bay Area Stone Gardens was a pleasure and his professionalism made a large project manageable. Bill and I designed the garden together which is what I required when he was hired. I had talked to other contractors but they wanted it "their" way.

                                                                                                                        Bill collaborated with me so that we achieved exactly what I had envisioned in my mind's eye. He was a true partner, pushing-and-pulling as we moved through the project — I could see his year's of experience as a project manager shining through.   

He provided valuable counsel along the way and went beyond the call of duty by resolving an unexpected underground stream running through my property.  To address this issue, it was determined that to move the running water away from the foundation, a six foot by six foot drywell would be required.  The drywell was back filled with drain rock and French drains were connected to direct water away from the foundation of the patio and the foundation of my property.  Not only was this underground structure used for diverting the stream, but also to address heavy amounts of rain.  The drywell and French drains work perfectly as expected.  

A year has passed now and the patios are as solid as they were when he completed the job. An added bonus is that Bill is very well connected with landscapers, nurserymen and other experts in the field so when I needed advise he knew exactly where to turn."

Allen R. Phillips - Piedmont Resident     


From March 23, 2012 Berkeley Parents Newsletter:

++ Stone patio wanted
Bill of Bay Area Stone Gardens did a beautiful travertine
patio for our backyard in Berkeley. We're hoping to have him
come back and add a water feature sometime soon. I'd highly
recommend him.  bill@bayareastonegardens.com
www.bayareastonegardens.com  Happy with our travertine patio

Hi Marv,
I highly recommend Bill Armijo of Bay Area Stone Gardens
(bayareastonegardens.com. He just finished a slate walkway
in our front yard and built planter beds too (& installed
our new grass). He was the only person I met with that
really listened to my ideas and had great ideas of his own
that actually complimented mine. He is creative, thoughtful,
reasonable, responsive, and finished 'on time!' Jeanette
Jeanette Wallin wallinj@sbcglobal.net


In response to an inquiry by Marv looking for someone to
help with a stone patio - Marv, you won't find someone
better than Bill Armijo of Bay Area Stone Gardens to assist
with the project you describe.  We hired Bill shortly after
our purchase of our home in Oakland (which is our first
home).  Our first job with Bill involved several phases,
including the laying of a fantastic two tier travertine
patio in our backyard (he also helped us with refinishing
existing retaining walls and remaking gravel walkways, but
the patios were the focus of the first project).  Since
then, we have gone back to Bill for several projects,
including an incredible hand cut limestone walkway in our
front yard - we get compliments on the work constantly - it
is truly impressive.

Bill is extremely easy to work with, very fair and a good
communicator.  He is also very reasonable with his pricing.
I don't do a ton of recommendations on BPN, Angie's List,
Yelp, etc, but Bill is one person that I can recommend
without reservations.

Good luck.


Bill Armijo
Bay Area Stone Gardens
Cell #: 415-412-7824
Home #: 510-437-1203
Email: bill@bayareastonegardens.com
Jason Volpe jasonavolpe@yahoo.com


I would like to recommend an amazing landscaper, Bill
Armijo. He is an expert stone setter--in the truest sense of
the word, he is an artist with stone! One of his expertise
is working with travertine.

He redid our backyard, which was the most depressing, big
and desolate patch of weeds into an inviting and beautiful
space with a stunning material palette (travertine,
sandstone and bamboo fencing, with gravel in areas to keep
our costs down). He set the travertine stone without any
mortar into a pattern that used different sized square and
rectangular pieces. It is a skill that very few, if any,
stone setters in the bay area could do, with his degree of
finesse and skill. It is the kind of thing one sees in
design magazines. I was blown away by the skill he has with
his materials.

I can't say enough good things about working with Bill. He
helped us refine our vision (we had a basic idea to start
with), was on schedule (working more quickly than I ever
could have even imagined, which is unusual with these kinds
of projects), and was more than reasonably priced for the
outstanding quality that he delivered. Throughout the
project, he actively looked for ways to keep our costs down
and was very conscientious of our budget. He went above and
beyond our expectations. My husband interviewed 4 people and
Bill was exactly what we were looking for AND the most
competitively priced.

Bill's contact info. is: bill@bayareastonegardens.com and
tel. 415.412.7824

He has also been on HGTV--which gives one an idea of his
skill level, too...

Anyone who gets the opportunity to have Bill put some of his
magic into their backyard is a very fortunate person. My
husband and I are so appreciative of our backyard now. We
love to be in it and just love looking at it everyday
through our windows/doors whenever we get the chance. It has
really improved the quality of our everyday life.  Lisa V.

Highly recommend Bill of Bay Area Stone Gardens for stone
work-either flat surfaces or walls. We hired him to design
and install both a front walkway and large backyard patio.
He has a fine eye for design and came up with some really
good ideas for some tough logistical problems. We found him
to be reliable and very easy to work with and he stayed on
our project until it was completed. To check out pictures of
his work go to his website: bayareastonegardens.com. You
will be impressed.  roger