The Sunset: Tiered travertine patios with quarts wall facing and natural edge sandstone seating and caps for raised beds along with bamboo fencing for privacy and lower tiered raised beds.  Though we drove a distance to build this it was a pleasure everyday coming to the Sunset.  Thank you Sergio and Lisa. 

Oakland entry made of hand selected slate, twice cut for consistany and set in a base of drain rock with rebar tied together placed above base on dobies in extra strenght poured concrete and mortared with a liquid fortifier. 

Orinda: Formerly a ranch style entry.  We changed the look by adding a contempory two piece off-set blue stone (cut to square) expanded walk way, building two pillars at the base of the 4 x 6 post with hand cut and tightly fitted slate and installing over the pillars two pre-fabricated columns to resemble the craftman stlye look.  The home owner, Heather, should take credit with the design.  She has a great eye for detail.  We also added a much needed step at the door.